Bicycle Leasing

Carefree on the cycling road!


Today the bicycle is the ideal and most ecological means of transport.

The endless traffic jam and parking problems on company sites are a fact. Therefore the bicycle is a proper alternative for commuting. Besides you can enjoy your daily motion without doing extra effort or clearing your schedule.

Team Cyclis is a specialized bicycle leasing partner within the context of mobility and flexible remuneration.

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Unlimited Offer

✓ All brands, types and models
✓ Webshop
✓ Quotation at your local bicycle dealer

You can lease every brand or model. Team Cyclis offers a wide range of own brands, which you can find in our webshop . In here you can request as much informal quotations as you want, these are no orders but non-binding offers.

Take a look at our webshop

You can't find your dream bicycle in here? No problem! Go to your local bicycle dealer and request a quotation. Note that we need following information: size, color, ladies - or gentlemen model and eventual accessories.

Local Service

✓ Local bicycle dealer
✓ Professional advice
✓ Maintenance

Because of our close cooperation with local bicycle dealers , Team Cyclis can offer any brand or model anywhere in Belgium. Our purpose is to provide the best possible service to our customers, on that account we choose to work close with local bicycle dealers. The dealer can not only offer specialized advice and test drives, but also perform maintenance. That way there will always be a local point of contact.

Take a look at our bicycle dealers

Isn't your local bicycle dealer on the list yet? No problem! Send us the contact details of the store and we will contact them for a cooperation.


✓ Residual value is known

We want to be transparant to our customers, therefore we choose to communicate the residual value of the bicycle in advance. This residual value can be found on every non-binding quotation, that way you can calculate your benefit of the leasing project after 36 months.

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Carefree Leasing

✓ Commuting & recreative
✓ Omnium insurance
✓ Maintenance
✓ Assitance

You can enjoy your bike every day without any worries through our extensive lease package. These services apply both for commuting and recreative use.

Omnium insurance
During the leasing period your bike will be insured against theft and damage. In case of theft, we expect a police decleration and a picture of the two keys with their number clearly visible (to proof that you did lock your bicycle). Thereafter we will replace the bicycle with no extra costs. In case of damage, you may go to your bicycle dealer for reparations. Team Cyclis expects a picture of the damage and a cutlery of the dealer with the costs of the reparations. These costs will be covered by the insurance with a franchise of €25.

During the process of requesting quotations you can choose for a maintenance budget. With this budget you may perform maintenance any time at your local bicycle dealer. 

Where can I find my maintenance budget? Surf to our website en log in with your credentials. If you haven't received any credentials, please contact us at en wij helpen u graag verder. Wanneer u bent ingelogd, kan u een knop zien met 'Mijn fietsen'. Druk een print af van uw (resterend) budget en laat dit document zien aan uw fietshandelaar. Bij overschrijding van het budget betaalt u het bedrag rechtstreeks aan de handelaar of zal Team Cyclis u een factuur sturen.

Do you still have budget left at the end of the contract? No problem, this amount will never be lost. You can use the remaining budget to finance the residual value.

24/7 assistance
Our partner offers a 24/7 service in case of breakdown during your ride. Within an our a technician will be on-site to repair your bike.

Don't forget to save your serial number and the phone number of our partner VAB (+32 3 253 61 38) in case of break down during your ride.

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